One Voice Choir Music Director

In 2007, Grazina saw a TV series revealing how a talented music director was able to take raw singers from a deprived community within Oxford and prepare them to ultimately sing as a choir in the Royal Albert Hall.

The Littlemoor community was the nearest that she could find that offered her the same challenge.

In 2008 'One Voice' choir was formed and so the miracle of transforming talent into a live and vibrant communication vehicle began.
  Although, today, they are based away from Littlemoor, the choir has a firm foundation of twenty five singers who have committed themselves to rehearsing and performing music that touches many hearts from many generations.

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Moor Voices Music Director

As a result of Coastal Voices singing at the 2012 Olympics in Weymouth, the group from Littlemoor that had participated in the massed chorus elected to continue singing as a local group. Grazina was asked to lead the group and so a new choir was formed named Moor Voices. This choir has grown in strength and numbers and performs at community events, local church events and a local holiday hotel.    

Panpipes workshop

SKUDUCIAI are found only in a few parts of north-eastern Lithuania (Vabalninko, Kupiskio, and Birzu Districts, Rokiskis and Panevezys Counties).

SKUDUCIAI are made of umbelliferous plants or wood. Shorter-lived skuduciai are made from various grass-like reeds. Sturdier forms are made of ash, black alder, alder, or willow wood. The wooden rods are cut into pieces of varied length. The number of whistles varies, but a typical set has five to eight. The whistles are hollowed out either by burning or carving, leaving the bottom closed. If the entire whistle is hollow, then the bottom is closed off with a fixed or movable stopper. Zieves skuduciai (made of bark) are also closed with a stopper. For skuduciai made of umbelliferous plants, the joints of the plants close off the bottom of the whistle.
  The open ends of each whistle are cut on both sides at a sloping angle. A single whistle produces only one note. There are two basic means of tuning the skuduciai:

1 - the length of the shortest whistle is determined by ear. To it are added the second, third, fourth etc. skuduciai, tuned at intervals of a second.
2 - whistles are tuned at intervals of a second, beginning with the longest whistle (which plays the lowest note).

SKUDUCIAI are played by pressing a whistle to the lower lip and blowing sharply, as if spitting. They are used to play instrumental sutartines, characterized by five-part figures of repeated, rhytmic, two-note.

Russian Romance workshop

A Russian Romance workshop could be interesting for a wide range of people from various walks of life. Those who would like to learn sing Russian Romance style, and those who would like to learn to play suitable instruments such as the guitar, accordion and especially the violin.

The Workshop structure contains:

1. A short Russian Romance history.
2. Important stylistic elements of Russian Romance.
3. Learning the simple melody line (both with instruments and singing)
4. Learning to sing and play very popular tunes e.g. 'Those were the days'. Sheet music will be provided and contain all the chords that are needed.