A professional singer and music teacher from Lithuania Grazina Ellis is a mezzo-soprano who came to Weymouth in 2004, after teaching at the Panevezys’ Conservatoire in her home country for 26 years.

As a vocalist and a soloist with the town Municipality choir ‘Muzika’ Grazina travelled the world giving concerts and participating in Singing Competitions including the famous Chamber Choir Contest in Japan, Takarazuka City, where ‘Muzika’ represented choral creations by Lithuanian and European baroque composers and won golden medals and the Grand Prix award. Also took part in other International Choir Contests and Musical festivals in Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Spain, South Africa, Israel, the USA and Norway.

Despite having music degrees from her own country she decided it would be a refreshing change to study in England. Grazina arrived to Weymouth in 2004 and within two years had attained a two years Music Media and
Performance Foundation Degree studies through Bournemouth University at the Weymouth College. Her teaching status was recognised by the General Teaching Council for England and she was awarded a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), also has been accepted into membership of the Institute for Learning at the grade of Member.

During the last four years, she has been involved in many diverse assignments and projects including solo items with various
  choirs singing at Wool, Dorchester, Eype and Weymouth; a teaching assignment in Portsmouth as a Russian music coach for Rachmaninov’s Vespers and Deputising as a Singing Teacher with Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools. An interesting performance and workshop was held at The Springhead Trust ‘Our Global Children’s Arts Festival’ in June 2007. Arranging a group of English singers to sing in Lithuanian and introducing children to traditional Lithuanian pipes ‘Skuduciai’ was no mean feat!

Grazina has worked at Weymouth College as a choir leader and a singing teacher.

An international project set in June 2008 in Lithuania to perform John Rutter ‘Mass of the Children’ with one of the Lithuanian County’s Youth Symphony orchestra and a Children’s Choir. As a choir leader she made a fresh start with a new assembled choir ‘One Voice’ from Weymouth.

As well as singing classical pieces in many languages, including Italian, Latin and Russian, she loves singing jazz, blues and pop music. She is also an accomplished piano player and gives private piano tuition too. So if anyone would enjoy singing and playing piano then get in touch.