Teaching style

  • I teach students of all ages. Specialising in classic, musical theatre, pop and rock styles (one to one or two students in the class).

  • I try to make lessons as educational and fun as I can. I am very easy going, yet at the same time require the work that it takes to progress.

  • I start out with a routine for building vocal technique, breathing and posture. Lessons can help to develop a strong vocal foundation, including exercises, songs that will serve as exercises (such as classical or musical type pieces), and then we add songs of the students choosing.

  • I encourage my students to perform in  concerts. I think it is a wonderful opportunity to experience the joys of achievement and of sharing their gift with others. Many times it is a life changing event, revealing to a person who is new to singing that they can truly do it!
  • I approach each student as an individual, but I also ensure that they sing in a way that is healthy. Many people do not know it, but it is very easy to cause irreparable damage to the vocal chords. This can happen merely by singing (or speaking) incorrectly! I remind students of this very often, because it is of the utmost importance to me that this does not happen. I have seen far too many singers who have had less than adequate technical skill, which causes this damage.

  • I do not believe in tone deafness at all. I believe that the human voice is an instrument, much like any other musical instrument, except that it’s God-made! Finding where the notes are on the vocal instrument is the same as finding the notes on a clarinet or a violin. It takes practice!... and on the human instrument, there’s no keyboard to look at... it’s all done by feeling. But with repetition and dedication, anyone, yes anyone, can sing.

Vocal mission

  • Let’s take care of your most precious instrument, your voice!

  • I will work with all the different aspects of your voice both physical and non physical; to achieve a healthy vocal function and to resolve performance issues.

  • You will be guided to an experience of your voice in its fullest capacity.

  • I then will help you to find your own ways to articulate your understanding of that experience, and therefore, your understanding of yourself.
  • Look in the mirror with a smile and think “I can sing and I have a talent !” Studies surrounding what's called the "facial feedback theory" suggest that the expressions on your face can actually encourage your brain to register certain emotions. So by looking in the mirror and smiling every day  with ”the message in your mind” , you feel  more confident in the long run!


Flower duet ( from the opera Lakme)

By Leo Delibes
Steffani Benton (Soprano) &
Grazina Ellis (Mezzo Soprano)

Bolero "El Desdichado"

By C.Saint-Saens
Steffani Benton (Soprano) &
Grazina Ellis (Mezzo Soprano)

Ave Maria

By Michal Laurenc
Solo Grazina Ellis

Evening Serenade

By A.Raudonikis
Solo Grazina Ellis

The Lord is my shepherd

By Henry Smart
Duet. Grazina Ellis with Sarah Curtis


Student's examination success through the
Associated Board of the Royal Schools
of Music:

Spring 2020
Alfie Cole - Grade 3 Singing (Merit)
Faith Mchale - Grade 2 Musical Theatre Singing (Pass)
Tobias Clifton - Grade 2 Musical Theatre Singing (Distinction)
Sampson Puroku - Grade 2 Singing (Pass)

Summer 2019
Alfie Cole - Grade 2 Singing (Merit)
Faith Mchale - Grade 2 Singing (Merit)
Tobias Clifton - Grade 2 Singing (Merit)
Sampson Puroku - Grade 2 Singing (Merit) 

Spring 2019

Ian Mackenzy - Grade 5 Singing (Pass)
Fraser Whiting - Grade 4 Singing (Pass)

Summer 2018

Alfie Cole - Grade 1 Singing (Merit)
Elizabeth Pawsey - Grade 5 Singing (Pass)
Fraser Whitting - Grade 3 Singing (Merit)

Summer 2017

Elizabeth Jane Pawsey - Grade 4 Singing (Distinction)
Chloe Taton - Grade 5 Singing (Pass)
Frazer Whiting - Grade 1 Singing (Merit)

Summer 2016
Chloe Taton - Grade 4 Singing (Pass)
Josephine Rich - Grade 5 Singing (Merit)
Elizabeth Jane Pawsey - Grade 2 Singing (Merit)

Summer 2015
Jasmin Evers - Grade 5 Singing (Merit)
Chloe Taton - Grade 3 Singing (Merit)

Spring 2015

Kelsey Farwell - Grade 1 Singing (Pass)
Daniella Shaw - Grade 4 Singing (Merit)


Summer 2014
Chloe Taton - Grade 2 Singing (Pass)
Lauren Robertson - Grade 3 Singing (Pass)
Jasmin Evers - Grade 4 Singing (Pass)
Ellie Gould - Grade 5 Singing (Pass)

Summer 2013

Jasmin Evers - Grade 2 Singing (Merit)    
Ellie Gould - Grade 4 Singing (Pass)
Amy Luff - Grade 1 Singing (Merit)

Spring 2013

Jennifer Hampson - Grade 3 Singing (Distinction)

Summer 2012

Mark Stone - Grade 2 Singing (Distinction)
Adrienne Jenkins - Grade 3 Singing
Ellie Gould - Grade 3 Singing

Summer 2011

Maggi Tetlow - Grade 5 Singing (Distinction)
Ellie Grace Gould - Grade 2 Singing
Charlotte Harris - Grade 1 Singing

Autumn 2010

Zarema Munro - Grade 5 Singing (Merit)
Ellie Grace Gould - Grade 1 Singing (Merit)

Adrienne Jenkins - Grade 2 Singing
Kerrie Pinney - Grade 5 Singing (Distinction)
Angus Francis - Grade 5 Singing (Merit)

Summer 2008
Kay Channon - Grade 5 Singing

Youtube Videos

Nella fantasia

Time to say goodbye

Ave Maria. duet